You are currently viewing Monkey Island (Cat Dua Island)

Location about 5km from Cat Ba town. With the gorgeous unspoiled natural scenery together with wonderful beaches, Monkey island is one of the most attractive addresses tourists shouldn’t miss in Cat Ba Island

To get to this beautiful island there is only one way by boat. You can take about 10 minutes from Beo dock throughout Cai Beo fishing village along with a few tiny islands. Almost tourist boat have stop here in order that tourists have a chance admire the masterpieces that nature has bestowed on Cat Ba.

Monkey Island is well worth the highlight of Cat Ba island particularly and probably the most bewitching attractions for tourist in Hai Phong generally bring numerous tourists. The island was previously known as Cat Dua Island. At Cat Dua since you will find a large amount of wild pineapple shading around. The fruits of the pineapple here look good, however it’s not able to eat. The local people use them to make traditional medicine.

Monkey island is also an ideal for swimming in the blue water and white sandy beaches. Thanks to the existence of many dozen of monkeys that why they name for this island as Monkey island. Virtually all of monkeys in Cat Dua are attracted here for dwelling by the rangers. They’re very adventurous with the locals and tourists. They grab food right from tourists palms and may bite if provoked. But, it’s the untouched uniqueness which makes the island become renowned appealing a large number of tourists to this island.

Discovering Monkey Island is unquestionably probably the most memorable things to do in Cat Ba. The scenery surrounding the island is credible. It will be perfect for developing eco tourism here. Monkeys on the island also play an essential role to make the achievement of Cat Dua Island.